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Strigino presents 5 top air routes of the passing summer

Strigino International Airport (belongs to Airports of Region Group) reports preliminary results of the summer season. All in all from June 1 to August 28, 370,881 passengers passed through the Nizhny Novgorod gateway, a 29% increase over the same period last year. In addition, this figure is comparable to the passenger flow at Strigino Airport in 2010 - 376,799 people.

The airport handled 203,537 international passengers and 167,344 domestic passengers. The most popular during summer were traditional resort destinations:

1. Antalya (83,622 passengers)

2. Hurghada (17,880 passengers)

3. Larnaca (13,940 passengers)

4. Barcelona (11,259 passengers)

5. Heraklion (10,941 passengers)

In addition, traffic to Frankfurt-am-Main grew several times compared to a monthly average (10,512 passengers). Domestic sector at the height of the holiday season demonstrated an increased demand for flights to Saint Petersburg (16,014 passengers). During summer 6,320 passengers flew to Simferopol and back.

According to the experts, the last weekend of the passing summer will see intensive flow of arriving passengers, and the total traffic over the two days can reach 9,000 people.

19 August 2014 Shantsev checked the progress of construction of the new terminal at Strigino 02 September 2014 Strigino Search and Rescue Service has been certified by Rosaviatsia without remarks
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