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Shantsev checked the progress of construction of the new terminal at Strigino

Today, on August 19, the head of the region Valery Shantsev conducted an inspection circular tour of the construction site of the new passenger terminal at Strigino Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Group). Mr. Shantsev positively assessed the construction work. For example, the concrete frame above zero level has already been erected and active installation of external utility connections is in progress.

- I believe, by September 1 all foundation structures will have been installed allowing the erection of a three-story terminal building. We have thoroughly checked all the schedules, they are kept to, the date of completion remains unchanged, we even expect to finish ahead of schedule and see the New 2016 year in in the new terminal - summed up Mr. Shantsev.

For the moment, the foundation base of the building is filled with 6,000 cubic meters of concrete, every day 25 equipment units are operating on the site, the number of people involved in the construction equals 180 and the work is organized in 2 shifts.

- While the zero cycle is underway, we are carefully planning the layout of the new terminal and its equipment making provisions for everything necessary for the passengers’ convenience - said MANN’s Executive Director Alexander Sinelnikov.

For reference: on June 10, 2014 Czech company PSJ, a.s. started the construction of the airport complex with a total area of 27.8 thousand square meters and a capacity of more than 1.5 mln. people a year. Commissioning of the new terminal of the PFD capital is scheduled for December 2015. A modern airport terminal will be equipped with four air bridges, passengers will be able to check-in for flights at 19 counters, in particular, a counter is stipulated to process large and oversized baggage, as well as a special check-in area for the groups with reduced mobility. Spacious lounges and a nursery are provided for comfort and convenience of passengers. Shops and cafes will occupy an area of more than 1500 sq. m.



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