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Strigino International Airport Summarizes Mellow Season Results

The Strigino International Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding) summarized operations during the mellow season. 87.7 thousand passengers of Nizhniy Novgorod airport took advantage of resort destinations in September - October 2018, which is 12% higher than in the like period of the last year. Flights were made to 16 destinations, including three domestic ones.

The route to Antalya has become the most popular destinations of last months of the vacation period. Sochi and Simferopol ranked second and third in the popularity rating. However, even the total passenger traffic of Russian resorts is significantly lower than the Turkish one, which accounted for more than 64% from the resort traffic in the mellow season. Furthermore, passengers’ interest in resorts of Cyprus, Greece, Vietnam and Thailand remained stable in September- October.

The mellow season also brought a new resort destination to passengers of the Strigino Airport - Phuket, Thailand. Direct flights are made by Nordwind Airline from October 26 as part of charter programs. The air carrier uses the long-distance Boeing 777-200 with the capacity over 400 passengers for this service.
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