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Strigino International Airport Acquires New Snow Clearing Machinery

The Strigino International Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding) complemented the special machinery fleet with a new SCHMIDT CJS compact jet sweeper.

This vehicle is used to clean contact stand coverings owing to its high maneuverability. SCHMIDT CJS can also be employed as part of snow removal machines team to clear artificial runways. Clearing width is 3,560 mm. Maximum clearing speed is 60 km/h. Performance capacity is 210,000 m2/h.

To recap, aerodrome infrastructure cleanup is broken down into several stages. Plough and brush machines pass over the terminal apron at first, moving snow to the wayside. Then the time comes for cutting and rotary machinery, which removes snow banks formed on waysides, throwing snow back to the groundside of the landing field.
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