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In the first half-year Strigino sees more than 500,000 passengers

Strigino Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Group) handled more than half a million passengers in the first 6 months of 2014. Total passenger traffic in the past half a year amounted to 515,313 people, which is 29.4% more than during the same period a year ago. Passenger flow on domestic flights grew up to 275,698 people (33.1% year over year increase), international – up to 239,615 people (+25.4%). The number of sorties increased to 4401 (+18.3%), freight and mail operations made up 523 tons.

During the first six months 55 scheduled destinations were served out of Strigino. The most notable increment in passenger traffic was recorded on onward and return flights to Moscow (212,497 passengers, a 36.1% growth), as well as on traditional resort destinations: Antalya (63,565 passengers, a 61% growth), Sharm el-Sheikh (33,154 passengers, a 76.1% growth), Larnaca (9413 passengers, a 117.1% growth), Bangkok (7680 passengers, a 60.6% growth), Goa (4654 passengers, a 38.1% growth), Monastir (2354 passengers, a 83.2% growth). The services launched especially for the spring-and-summer season have already demonstrated good occupancy of seats: Palma de Mallorca, Heraklion, Dalaman, Corfu, Rimini.

Regional passenger traffic has grown significantly: to Simferopol (+101.5%), Kazan (+65.4%), St. Petersburg (+39.9%), as well as to the cities served under the program for subsidizing regional air transport in the PFD: Perm, Nizhnekamsk, Penza, Kirov, Saratov, Izhevsk … All in all under the program during the first six months 5026 people flew from Nizhny Novgorod to 8 cities of PFD.

In June, 125,294 people used Strigino terminal, which is 31.5% greater compared to the same month last year of which 56,087 were domestic passengers (+38.8%) and 69,207 - international passengers (+26%). The most punctual airlines became Ak Bars Aero and Orenburzhye - by the end of June, more than 90% of their flights from Nizhniy Novgorod were performed on schedule.

03 July 2014 A webcast of the new passenger terminal construction is launched at Strigino 11 July 2014 34,742 feedbacks were left by Strigino passengers during the year
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