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34,742 feedbacks were left by Strigino passengers during the year

Passengers of Strigino International Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Group) are generally positive about the level of service in the Nizhny Novgorod air terminal. 83 percent of all service level monitoring participants stated that they were served as "excellent", "good" or "fair".

We recall that in July 2013 complex feedback system for passengers was launched at Nizhny Novgorod International Airport. Inside the terminal building - in the departure and arrival areas, baggage claim sectors, business lounge - special devices were installed with the help of which everyone could rate Strigino as "excellent", "good", "fair", "poor", "very poor" (in Russian or English language). And also - to make a complaint for the service, report problems with baggage claim or, conversely, to convey thanks to the staff for courtesy. All applications were delivered and are being delivered directly to the airport authorities.

Over the past year (from July 7 2013 to July 7 2014) Strigino was evaluated by 34,742 passengers. And there we have the results:

excellent - 18,113 estimates (52%)

good - 6968 estimates (20%)

fair - 3707 estimates (11%)

poor - 2175 estimates (6%)

very poor - 3779 estimates (11%).

Let’s note that in the vast majority of negative feedbacks passengers criticize the outdated infrastructure of the existing terminal, complain of discomfort associated with the cramped premises, and express the need to build a new air terminal. Airport specialists immediately begin checks on applications that contain specific claims and provide an answer to the applicant (if the passenger’s contacts details are available). Positive reviews, as a rule, point out staff’s courtesy and improvements in operations.

The project on monitoring service level at the airport is in progress.

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