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The Strigino Airport boosted passenger traffic by 30% in first half of 2018

The Strigino International Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding) summarized operations in the first half of 2018. The airport serviced over 512 k passengers in six months, which is 30% above its result in the like period of the last year.

Development of domestic traffic became the main growth driver. The airport serviced 390 k passengers on domestic flights in the first half of the year (+70 k Pax. or +21.8% against the last year) and 122 k on international routes (+49 k Pax. or +66.3% versus the last year). Moscow (+55 k), Antalya (+17 k), Dubai (+10 k), Phuket (+8 k) and Nha Trang (+6 k) were the most quickly growing destinations in six months.

New destinations of Dubai, Phuket, Ufa, Rostov and Anapa were also developing proactively. New flights to Nha Trang, Alanya and Corfu also enjoyed demand.

The number of departures in Strigino soared 39% in the first half against the like period in 2017 and totaled 4,056 flights, including 3,677 domestic departures (+38%) and 379 international departures (+ 56%).
10 July 2018 Strigino serviced 122 thousand passengers during the Nizhniy Novgorod stage of the World Cup 19 July 2018 5,700 passengers were serviced in Strigino comfort lounges during the World Cup
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