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Strigino passengers’ baggage is delivered quicker

A new carousel conveyor was put into operation in the baggage claim area of the passenger terminal at Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Group). Purchase and installation of this equipment were conducted under the service improvement program carried out by the airport, and became possible due to expanding of the arrival area of the terminal.

New carousel conveyor is installed in the domestic arrival area. The equipment allows to handle the arriving passengers quickly, meets the highest safety standards and is fitted with an emergency brake system. The conveyor in service in the domestic arrival area until recently now can be used, if necessary, as an extra both in the domestic and international areas. In addition, its operation allows to separate baggage delivery to passengers arriving from the EU and from the CIS countries.

So, now three baggage carousels are in operation in the terminal of Nizhny Novgorod International Airport. Because of this development the airport staff is capable to handle multiple flights simultaneously, and baggage waiting time for passengers reduced significantly. The service improvement program at Strigino is in progress.

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