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Strigino Airport serviced 7,392 persons over last day

21 June 2018 became the record-breaking for the Strigino International Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding). Operating units serviced 7,392 persons during that day. This the highest daily passenger traffic in the modern history of the Nizhniy Novgorod airport.

The number of serviced flights (arrivals and departures) surged more than threefold. Airlines completed 127 airfield operations on June 21. That is, aircraft made landings and takeoffs in the Nizhniy Novgorod airport every 11.5 minutes during the day.

The highest figure was reached on account of popular tourist destinations and extra flights appointed in connection with the World Cup. Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Sweden and domestic Black Sea resorts were among flight routes on this day. Furthermore, domestic flights between cities hosting World Cup games - Volgograd, Samara, Moscow, and St. Petersburg - made their contribution to the record. Moscow, Antalya and St. Petersburg constituted the top three most sought destinations on June 21.
21 June 2018 Strigino serviced Boeing 777-300 with Argentinian fans 10 July 2018 Strigino serviced 122 thousand passengers during the Nizhniy Novgorod stage of the World Cup
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