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Strigino Airport passengers most frequently call the Hotline on Tuesday afternoons

Under the program to improve the quality of service Airports of Regions MC has strengthened the control over passenger information at the call-center of the holding’s airports - Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg) Strigino (Nizhny Novgorod) and Kurumoch (Samara). Now MC’s operations direction conducts the monthly monitoring analyzing all operators’ responses by a number of criteria including the promptness of response to the call, the completeness of the information, politeness, etc.

All in all in September the Hotline received 5908 questions about Strigino airport. The total duration of the operators’ consultations equaled 12631 minutes - more than 210 hours! Passengers are mostly interested in operational information about flight status, seasonal and online timetables, new destinations and airlines ticket prices, but there are also questions about animals carriage rules, in-flight food, privileges of business class passengers, Duty Free Shops, etc.

Also, the monitoring revealed several interesting trends. In particular, 2 minutes are enough for an average passenger to get an answer to the question – the number of such calls during September exceeded 3000. A quarter of those who made a call stayed within one minute, even less callers needed 3 minutes and more.

The call-center receives most calls on Tuesdays - almost 19% of the total. Next comes Monday (just over 17%) followed by Saturday (15%). Moreover, the bulk of the inquiries is recorded from 14 to 17 hours - during this time period in September the Hotline received 2200 calls.

We recall that Strigino passengers may ask their questions by calling 8-800-1000-333 (toll-free RF) and +7 (831) 269-38-19 (for calls from abroad).

26 September 2014 Strigino is updating its fleet of snow cleaning machines for the winter season 08 October 2014 Strigino Airport handled 900,038 passengers in the first 9 months
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