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Medvezhiy Ugol and Bullfinch Open Doors for Strigino Passengers

Bullfinch and Medvezhiy Ugol (‘Backwoods’) sales outlets started operations in the Strigino Airport. New stores are located in the domestic flights waiting area.

Bullfinch is a Russian brand specializing in production of designer clothing and accessories. Buyers have already taken a liking of it because of branded T-shirts with original prints and souvenirs with peculiar designs.

Passengers can purchase game meat delicatessen in Medvezhiy Ugol store, including bear, moose, hazel hen, deer and Siberian stag, exclusive fish, and enjoy such specialties as whitefish, Siberian white salmon, Arctic cisco, taimen, quinnat, salmon trout, grayling, etc. Furthermore, honey, jams and herbal teas are available as part of the product range in the point of sale. Artefacts from Siberian shamans are the feature of this store.
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