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Construction of a new airport terminal will begin in Q4 2013

Today, at the executive meeting, MANN Executive Director Alexander Sinelnikov reported to the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Valery Shantsev on the preparation works for the construction of a new passenger terminal and presented the construction project of a new parking lot. The governor outlined the period of laying the foundation stone of the new airport construction in December, the new parking will be introduced a month earlier.

«At present, the project of the future passenger terminal is submitted to Glavgosexpertiza,» - emphasized the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Valery Shantsev. «Before starting the construction we will solve the problem with parking and introduce internationally adopted practice at Nizhny Novgorod Airport: it will have free parking and long term parking. The entrance to the landside area will be organized through a turnpike system, a 15-minute parking at the terminal will be free. This is important both in terms of passenger comfort and anti-terrorist security.»

You remember, the floor area of the new passenger terminal at the first stage will equal 25 thous. sq. m (for comparison – at present the total area of the airport building is 8679 sq. m), it will be equipped with 4 boarding bridges. Its capacity will increase to 1.5 million passengers a year. The passenger terminal will be built by the project of British architects who designed airports in the UK, Bulgaria and Malaysia. Putting into operation is scheduled for 2015.

«Once the project is approved by Glavgosexpertiza, we will announce a tender for the general contractor,»- explained MANN Executive Director Alexander Sinelnikov. «The new terminal area will be 10,000 sq.m. greater than stated in the investment agreement, as the passenger traffic exceeded the forecasted levels.»

Due to the construction of the passenger terminal the existing airport parking capacity of 250 cars will decrease to 150 cars, but in November and December there will be three new parking lots: free parking for 100 cars, long-term parking for 120 cars and additional parking at the terminal for 200 cars. The entrance to the landside area will be organized through a turnpike system.

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