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16 new special equipment units will be in operation at Strigino Airport in 2014

In the first quarter of this year Strigino International Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Holding Company) implementing its special equipment renewal program bought a catering mobile lift, a diesel power plant trailer, an introscope for baggage screening and parking equipment. All in all this year the airport plans to enlarge its fleet by 16 new special equipment units including a conveyor belt trailer, a mobile ground power unit, a 3.5 ton reach stacker, a high speed snow thrower for removal snow from the apron and runway, and other equipment.

In 2013, Nizhny Novgorod Airport directed 220 mln. rubles to buying equipment. An airfield fire truck, a de-icing machine, a jet sweeper, a Delta aircraft cabin heater, a Toyota towing tractor and a grader were bought and are currently in operation.

At present tenders for buying ambulances, utility vehicles, a cracksealing machine, a leader van, as well as a snow clearing jet sweeper are in progress.

- Increase in operations requires introduction of advanced technologies, so it is necessary to quickly take outdated special equipment out of service and replace it with modern, more technologically advanced and efficient - said Technical Director for Airports of Regions Management Company Ilya Moklokov. - Buying of new equipment along with technological solutions will significantly expand the capacity of Strigino Airport, accelerate the processes of acceptance and handling of baggage and freight and improve the quality of passenger service.

The current year’s budget also includes investment in upgrading of radio communication - Strigino will completely switch to the digital format. Digital radio communication has improved functionality for voice and data transmission, is more reliable and has larger coverage.

Strigino Airport plans to buy an ambulift for boarding disabled passengers, special vehicles for oxygen and nitrogen filling and new de-icing equipment, as well as subsequently increase special equipment park.

Let’s note that Strigino Airport in its operations utilizes more than 120 special vehicles and apron mechanical devices.

13 May 2014 Nizhny Novgorod airport handled more than 300,000 passengers year-to-date 20 May 2014 An agreement on construction of the first phase of the passenger terminal at Nizhny Novgorod International Airport is signed
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