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First-aid Point

At the airport medical station passengers and persons in the territory of the airport are rendered qualified first aid in the event of sickness or acute exacerbation of a chronic disease. The medical station staff can advise passengers on medical contraindications for travelling by air and accompany passengers with reduced mobility to the aircraft and on arrival.

Special condition:

  • the passengers’ health condition does not endanger either their own safety or safety of other passengers (as vouched by medical documents), does not cause disorder or irremovable inconveniences for other persons;

  • the passenger has medical documents in set form, signed by their attending doctor and confirming that the passenger will support travel by air;
  • for a travel requiring special conditions, the carrier’s consent must be obtained in advance (carriage on a stretcher, need for special medical equipment, etc.);

  • pregnant women’s medical documents must have been issued not earlier than 7 days before the beginning of the trip, and the gestational age must not be more than 35 weeks on the day of the trip. In the case of a larger gestational age, the woman may only travel if she has a special permission of medical authorities and if she is accompanied by a doctor or another medical worker;

  • For payment for carriage of a stretcher passenger, please apply to your airline’s office.

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