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Cargo Terminal

Cargo Terminal

The Cargo Terminal is part of Nizhny Novgorod International Airport and is the main Airport operator for freight and mail handling. 


The Cargo Terminal operates 24 hours per day and comprises the following areas and equipment in order to support handling of freight and mail delivered by both air and overland transport:

Storage facilities

4,300 m2 of warehousing areas with rack storage and temperature conditions maintained on a going basis;

Automatic measuring system of weight and volume

Automatic measuring system of weight and volume of cargo accepted for shipment, integrated with the inspection line, including the barcoding system;

Lifting stations

For completion/breakdown of 10-ft and 20-ft air pallets;

Freight recording system

Automated freight recording system;

Special areas for storage

Special areas for storage of all cargo categories, including valuable, hazardous and requiring special temperature conditions for storage;

Truck fleet

Electrical and diesel loaders;

CCTV cameras

IP video surveillance system of any scale

Cargo terminal employees, customs post of the (freight) Strigino Customs Office of the Strigino Airport, representatives of supervising Services (sanitary-quarantine, veterinary and phytosanitary control), representatives of freight forwarders, customs agents and carriers are located in the office area.

An electronic queue system is installed in the Administration Building and in the warehouse. Customer recreation area is available.

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