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The range of mobile services for passengers at Strigino Airport has expanded

A new mobile check-in service has become available for passengers at Strigino International Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Holding Company).

Mobile terminals for printing mobile boarding passes are put into operation as part of the program to improve quality of service. Devices designed to speed up the pre-flight procedures and make the check-in process more comfortable are located on the ground floor of the terminal.

Mobile check-in service will be especially popular with the passengers traveling without baggage. In this case, the departing passenger has only to pass the mobile check-in on the airline’s website or via any mobile application, get a 2D barcode on a mobile phone, and on arrival at the airport self-print out the boarding pass putting the stored code to the reader. Passengers traveling with the baggage can leave it at the check-in desk.

At the moment, the mobile check-in service is offered by Aeroflot, S7Airlines, Transaero (only for scheduled flights), as well as UTair through a mobile application. In the nearest future mobile check-in will be available for passengers of European carriers - Lufthansa and Czech Airlines.

In addition, Aeroflot and UTair passengers still can check-in at the airport with the help of self-service kiosks. Let’s note that self-check-in allows passengers to choose seats in the cabin.

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