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Strigino received over 160 requests for extra flights during World Cup

The Strigino International Airport accepted for handling over 160 requests for extra flights within the framework of the 2018 FIFA World Cup as of May 23. They comprise both flights for fans and for soccer teams.
The Nizhniy Novgorod airport has already received requests from Uruguay, Sweden, Azerbaijan, France, Portugal, Denmark, England, Croatia, Spain, Poland, and Switzerland. Considering the extra load during the World Cup days, the air harbor is ready to accept 50 thousand passengers above the normal passenger traffic level.
According to preliminary data, the peak passenger traffic expected during 2018 FIFA World Cup days will total 1,600 passengers per day. Acceptance of requests from airlines continues.
08 May 2018 Eduard Koshenskov was appointed to the position of the Chief Executive Officer, JSC Strigino International Airport 05 June 2018 Strigino trained FIFA World Cup volunteers
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