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Strigino Airport is ready for higher intensity of operations during the spring-summer period

Strigino International Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Holding Company) implemented an action plan to prepare for the spring-summer period. The expected growth of traffic in the summer months will reach 22.5 % compared to the winter period, so at present additional organizational and technological measures are already in place. In particular, theoretical and practical training, preseason maintenance and checks of special vehicles and buses, planned runway repairs, ornithological survey of the airfield have been carried out. Special attention was paid to training for the operational personnel involved in aircraft ground handling.

- According to the number of flight requests from the airlines for the summer period of 2014, we are planning a 20-25% rise in passenger traffic - noted MANN’s Executive Director Alexander Sinelnikov. - It is a significant increase, which requires well-coordinated work of all services to provide in peak load time security, convenience and comfort for passengers.

Operation of Strigino Airport in the summer months is largely affected by the geophysical position of the air harbor. The aerodrome is located in the low land, so rainfalls in the evening hours, as a rule, cause fogs in the territory of the airport at night. Such dangerous weather phenomena as thunderstorms, squalls, heavy showers also present a great difficulty for aviation in the warm season. New automated Doppler weather radar to be put into operation will help to forecast weather changes. Three terminals receiving its data will be installed at Nizhny Novgorod Airport. They are able to process and automatically transmit information to the appropriate departments at 10 minute intervals. Coverage area has increased to 250 kilometers - that is, precisely at such a distance Nizhny Novgorod Airport forecasters currently can notice approaching of severe weather phenomena and warn air traffic control services and flight crews.

The feature of the oncoming summer period will also be the beginning of phase one construction work of the new terminal covering the area of 27,800 sq. m. In this regard, the employees of Nizhny Novgorod Airport are set a task to reveal the best affirmative and efficient approach to all operational issues and implement this important project in a qualitative and timely manner.

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