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Layouts of StriginoAirport’s new passenger terminal are approved

The layouts of Nizhny Novgorod International Airport’s new passenger terminal (belongs to Airports of Regions Group) are approved by all stakeholders involved in passenger handling including government regulatory agencies. The parties agreed on location and floor area of all three levels of the terminal, boarding bridges, basements, passages and elevators, placement of checkpoints and screening equipment.

The operational areas of the new terminal will feature spaciousness and comfort, as well as clear and consistent navigation. The departure lounges will overlook the airfield. For reference: the new terminal meets level of comfort C (good level of service with the conditions for a constant traffic flow) according to the International Air Transport Association classification, as well as modern requirements of aviation, border and customs security.

According to the project, the 1st floor of the new passenger terminal will accommodate lounges for general public, including check-in areas, mother and child room with nurseries, medical station, baggage lockers, cafes and shops. The 2nd floor will house a pre-flight check area (common for domestic and international passengers), customs and passport control posts for passengers on international flights, waiting lounges, Duty Free shops for international passengers and Duty Paid for domestic passengers, as well as offices of airlines representatives. The third floor will be almost entirely intended for the arrival gallery, offices and technical facilities of the airport services. All three floors will be accessible for people with limited mobility thanks to the elevators and ramps. The new passenger terminal also comprises 4 boarding bridges adjacent to 2 stationary departure gates.

As a reminder: the commissioning of the VFD capital‘s new terminal is planned for December 2015. The capacity of the modern airport complex with a total area of 27.8 thousand sq. meters will be more than 1.5 million persons per year. For the comfort and convenience of passengers spacious lounges, shops and cafes will be placed on an area of over 1500 square meters, the parking lot is designed for 700 cars. A distinctive feature of the new airport complex will be a modern baggage handling system and an automatic queue management system in the passenger handling areas.

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