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Gazelle Next will deliver wheelchair users to the aircraft at Strigino

Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Group) puts a new medical special vehicle on the basis of Gazelle Next into operation. This multi-purpose vehicle built so far in a single copy was first presented in Moscow at specialized exhibition Health-2014, where it earned a high expert evaluation.

Modular special vehicle is designed for transportation of sick passengers and delivery of wheelchair users to the aircraft. The rear doors are used for unloading/loading stretchers, lateral double swing door - to tilt/fold the lifting device. Medical equipment Class A allows to administer first aid to a patient in comfortable conditions, and, if necessary, to carry out resuscitation. For reference: in 2014 Strigino Airport recorded more than 50 requests for medical assistance from the aircraft.

Delivery of disabled passengers from the terminal to the aircraft will become more convenient. The electric device with lifting capacity up to 230 kg installed in the modular special vehicle ensures fully automated loading and unloading of a passenger in the wheelchair. Particular attention was paid to safety: enhanced tie-down straps are provided to secure the wheelchair and special blocking elements prevent the car from moving until the loading is completed. Also there is enough space in the minibus compartment to transport medical attendants and folded wheelchairs.

All in all to date 9 buses and cars are involved in passenger handling at Strigino Airport.

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