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Aircraft deicing at Strigino is certified by the Federal Air Transport Agency

Nizhny Novgorod International Airport confirmed the compliance of its aircraft deicing services with the requirements of the Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA). Thus, the preparation of Strigino Airport for the autumn-and-winter period can be considered fully completed.

Aircraft deicing is an important part of aircraft ground handling procedures in the cold season under the flight safety rules. According to the committee of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Strigino Airport has the right to sell the complete cycle of the procedures necessary to get ready for aircraft deicing: storage, preparation of mixture, delivery of de-icing liquids to the deicers. The certificate was issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency for the period of 3 years.

On-site aircraft treatment at Strigino Airport is performed by two aircraft deicers - John Bean Technologies Tempest II and Sterling MT 35. Operational personnel involved in the procedure passed appropriate training at Kurumoch International Airport (Samara). The available machines and qualification of the personnel make it possible to deice all types of aircraft the airport can receive: starting from 9-seater Cessna C-280 to 320-seater Boeing 767-300.

All in all, in the winter period of 2013-2014 Strigino Airport’s ground handling service deiced 735 aircraft. Since the beginning of the season more than 70 aircraft have already been processed.

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