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A new container loader will handle passengers’ baggage

In August Strigino International Airport (belongs to Airports of Region Group) received and will put into operation five units of new custom vehicles. The fleet is updated under an investment program implemented by Airports of Regions Management Company.

One of the most significant acquisitions of Strigino Airport was TLD TXL 737 container loader with loading capacity of 3.5 tones (previously used container loader is obsolete and greatly inferior to the new one in the number of characteristics). A new custom vehicle is able to lift and load into the plane two containers with the passengers' baggage simultaneously, it is easy to operate, suitable for all types of aircraft and allows to speed up and automate the technical procedure. 7.7 mln. rubles were invested in its acquisition.

A new ground power unit will supply foreign and Russian aircraft with electric power of 115 V or 28 V (depending on the aircraft type) and its cost is more than 4 mln. rubles. In addition, three cars for a total amount of more than 2.5 mln. rubles have already been delivered to Strigino Airport. One of them - a cross country car with a spacious storage compartment – was handed to the Aviation Security Department: all-wheel drive pick-up will ensure perimeter control of the airport territory.

- We consider renewal of custom equipment at the holding company’s airports one of our priorities - said Airports of Regions MC’s Technical Director Vasily Molodtsov. - Modern, multifunctional equipment enables our airport complex to meet the high standards of service in the course of routine operation and during peak periods. With the introduction of new aircraft handling equipment the passengers of Strigino Airport will be able to assess the result - a fast and high-quality service, and airlines will open new routes in a more comfortable and secure environment.

For reference: in 2013 Nizhny Novgorod Airport directed 220 mln. rubles to buying of custom vehicles. An airfield fire truck, a deicing machine, a jet sweeper, a Delta aircraft cabin heater, a Toyota towing tractor and a truck grader were bought and put into operation. All in all Strigino Airport utilizes more than 120 units of aircraft handling and airfield maintenance equipment.

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