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A meeting of the MANN’s Board of Directors

On Friday, May 23, a meeting of the Board of Directors of PSC Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (belongs to Airports of Regions Holding Company) held and preliminary approved the annual report and annual financial statements for 2013. Participants of the meeting highly appreciated operating results of the airport, in particular, growth in passenger traffic (in 2013 Nizhny Novgorod Airport served 917,424 people that is 22,8% more than in the previous year.)

The Board of Directors approved Development Plan for 2014: PSC MANN plans to achieve a raise in the number of aircraft movements and total passenger flow by increasing the frequencies, launching of new routes and implementing regional transportation subsidy programs. In view of current economic and Russian aviation market environment MANN’s priorities for 2014 are ensuring the growth of passenger traffic in the context of construction of the new terminal, development of non-aviation commercial activities, cooperation with tour operators in the region to develop tourist destinations and support new airlines.

In the frame of the meeting, the decision was approved on the choice of an auditor to perform mandatory annual audit of the financial (accounting) statements for PSC Nizhny Novgorod International Airport in 2014 - Limited Liability Company Ernst&Young was appointed.

The PSC MANN Board of Directors also took into account an intensive preparation for the construction of a new passenger terminal started last year: the airport made a lease agreement for the land plot for construction, received a favorable sanitary-epidemiological certificate from Rospotrebnadzor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region for the draft of the sanitary protection zone, successfully underwent Glavgosexpertiza of the project and received a building permit from Rosaviatsiya, called for the general contractor competition. An uncovered parking lot for 480 cars became the first completed phase of the complex airport reconstruction.

Considering the strategic project of Nizhny Novgorod Airport for 2014, in the first place - the beginning of construction of the terminal, the MANN’s Board of Directors recommended the General Shareholders' Meeting to pass the last year’s dividend and direct the entire net profit of PSC MANN for 2013 to the Company's investment purposes and establishing of the reserve fund.

Final approval of the MANN’s annual report and annual financial statements will be held at the annual general shareholders’ meeting on June 25, 2014.

22 May 2014 Azerbaijan Airlines performed the first flight from Strigino Airport to Baku 04 June 2014 Finnair Launches Direct Flights from Nizhniy Novgorod to Helsinki
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