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The Traffic of Nizhny Novgorod International Airport Exceeds the Level of 2019

The traffic at Nizhny Novgorod's V.P. Chkalov International Airport (managed by Airports of Regions MC) surpassed the level of the entire 2019 in less than 10 months of this year. As of October 8, the airport had provided its services for 1.13 million people. The increase, compared to the same period in 2019, was 26%.
The majority – about 878,000 people – were passengers from Russian destinations, up 42% for domestic airline traffic against 2019. At the same time, due to flight restrictions related to the sanitary and epidemiological situation as well as preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the share of travelers on international flights was about 90% as compared to 2019 – a quarter of a million people.
In total, since the beginning of the year, the flight programme from Nizhny Novgorod is represented by scheduled and charter flights by 16 airlines to 37 destinations. These are mainly domestic routes, 21 of regional traffic being direct flights to Russian cities, bypassing Moscow.
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