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In the first quarter the number of passengers at the Strigino International Airport increased by a quarter

During the first quarter of 2014  the Strigino International Airport (a part of the holding Airports of Regions) served  200 791 passengers: 24,7 % more than for the same period of the last year.  From January to March 2014 the trip abroad and back had   77 980 passengers (+15,5%), in Russia – 122 811 passengers (+31,4%). The number of flights increased by  19,8% and amounted to 1 908 operations. Freight and mail processed: 245 tones (+ 9,9%).

The past three month are characterized by the growth in passenger traffic on charter destinations   – Sharm el Sheikh (+51,9%), Bangkok (+94,7%), Goa (+33%), as well as on regular flights  – Moscow (+34,8%), Samara (+40%), Yekaterinburg (+50,3%).  From January to March there were 23 airlines which operated flights to 37 destinations.

Total passenger turnover in March reached   75 334 persons (24,5% more than the figure for March 2013).  A trend indicated since the beginning of the year that Russian domestic flights traffic growth exceeds the growth on international flights:   46 439 passengers (+31,9%) and 28 895 passengers  (+14,1%) respectively – still persists. Leaders in the growth of passengers are the same as for the quarter.  


The most punctual airlines in March  are UTair-Express (in accordance to spring-summer schedule flies to Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Surgut) and Komiaviatrans (performs flights to Syktyvkar). 

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